Welcome to the World of Emotional Healing

Why and how I am shifting my work

There are moments in our lives that transform the way we look at everything around us. Experiences that shift the foundation we stand on and cause us to adapt our worldview. Most commonly, an experience tied to your health and wellness will catalyze your lens on life to move away from what you have believed your entire life. This is because our perspectives are persuaded by what we’ve been taught, by convention, by social norms, and by our own confirmation bias, not just by the black and white matter of truth. In other words, you could spend more than a decade learning from textbooks and professors about the way the world works only to go out into the world and realize for yourself what the truth is. 


Anyone who has experienced profound healing outside the walls of conventional white coat institutions will know what it means to realize the true healing power of humans. You won’t always find double blind, peer reviewed studies to prove what you know to be true about your first-hand experience in the world. But you don’t need to for it to be true. 


I spent years of my life as a white coat doctor working in oncology, learning about cancer and treatment, aggregating findings about environmental toxins and their impact on our health and wellness. I became a leading voice about veganism and holistic health online. I’ve created a top health podcast about the best foods, products, and health interventions to empower consumers with informed consent as they take their health and healing into their own hands.


I walked the path of a naturopathic doctor specializing in integrative oncology working in clinical practice turned educator, healer, and creator. And now, I am taking strides on a new, even more exciting path. Over the last year, I have witnessed healing on a level not seen anywhere else in medicine. The kind of healing that pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars trying to supply through prescription drugs and miracle cures. This is the kind of healing that one and only one thing can provide: the human mind, body, and spirit. It can never be bottled up and sold because it wasn’t meant to.


What I have simply called Emotional Release is in fact a greater portal into a world of self healing that you may never have seen before. The greatest work I have done to date in the world of health and wellness is as a healer. In stepping into my calling as a multifaceted health educator and healer, I realized that I am not the one healing others — they all heal themselves. How? How could that be? What does that mean?


This is the world I am diving into. It is beyond a single modality, health certification, or degree. It is a return to our true power as human beings to heal that which we are convinced is incurable, unlovable, or unworthy. The world of deep emotional healing is just the tip of an iceberg holding a mountain’s worth of knowledge and wisdom that will change the way we look at our wellbeing for generations to come.


If you’ve been following along for years, you’ll have witnessed an evolution in my work. What started as an insatiable curiosity for understanding the role of our environment in our health has evolved into a similarly unquenchable thirst for understanding the human capacity to heal from within. This work is truly an evolution of what I began with because our environment includes what is within us. Our ability to thrive is directly proportional to the resilience of our internal world as it comes in contact with the external. If you lack inner resilience, you can forget about eating the right foods, buying the right mattress, sleeping 8 hours, and having community… Because the truth is, when our inner world is operating in chaos, our external world will reflect the same. The greatest diet and sleep schedule (although incredibly important, let’s be clear!) make minimal difference when we do not even allow ourselves to be fully expressed from within.


This is the work I am plunging into: The world of emotional liberation that holds the key to fundamental shifts in health. 


Here’s the thing: I know it might sound crazy. I know that it feels new and different. I know that we have work to do and that our current model of health and healing has not adequately prepared us for understanding how on Earth our emotions have anything to do with getting healthy. But this is why I am doing it. This is why my soul is loudly calling me to make a shift in my work.


There is not a question in my mind that this work will change the way we operate. Witnessing hundreds of massive shifts in clients from just one emotional release session has awakened a new vision for what it means to Heal Thy Self. We’re going to heal the world by healing ourselves. We’re on a mission to balance the masculine and the feminine. We’re going to do the work and remember who we really are. 


And we’re going to unleash the authentic self in all of us so that we may feel true freedom.


I cannot wait to see what the future holds. 

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