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Creating a Healing Space

Dr. Christian Gonzalez created this healing space because he witnessed how emotional release had the power to heal so many mental and physical diseases. Many of these people were the ones who “tried everything” and “did all the right things” but were still suffering. When they came into contact and expressed their deepest emotions, they finally began to heal.

"After 2 years on infertilityā€¦Weā€™re 12 weeks pregnant. I now know that science can only heal so much, but healing the emotional component is the key."

Mira V.

"I was able to release so much. Far exceeded my expectations and I could feel the love and care from you miles away. Thank you."

Taylor B.

"I just wanted to share that for the first time in many years I've been able to get out of bed with no chronic low back pain since our session! Absolute miracle, I am finally able to live my life pain free after 6 years, and cannot wait for my next session. Thank you again for everything."

Allie S.

"I have done talk therapy for years. I have done EMDR, hypnosis, every somatic breathwork imaginable. This is the most powerful, deep, and transformative experience I have ever had. I am in gratitude forever for this experience. THANK YOU."

Richelle Y.

Is Emotional Release Right?

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