Full Body Emotional Release Session

This emotional release therapy session is designed to connect you to the deepest layers that have been repressed. Through safety and co-regulation the space is created to move away from the ego-ic protection in the head, and move into the subconscious in the body. There we allow the body to do what it does best…heal.

This class is Not Live. It is a pre-recorded guided emotional release session by Dr. Gonzalez.

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Choose this Session if you experience:


  • Any physical issues with an emotional root
  • Constantly looking for the root of your health issues
  • People pleasing
  • Anxiety
  • Compulsions
  • ¬†Addiction
  • Low confidence
  • Powerlessness
  • Generational trauma¬†
  • Depression

What to expect:


  • Learning about why we repress emotions
  • When does emotional repression start
  • What repressed emotions do to the body
  • Learning how and we we protect ourselves from emotional releasing
  • Learning to get into the body
  • Experiencing what protection and repression of emotions feels like
  • Moving into safety and allowance
  • Coming back to your voice
  • Integration and take home exercises


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Unlock Healing by Releasing.

Bottling up emotions can lead to physical and mental health issues. Releasing pent-up feelings in a healthy way allows for emotional healing, improved physical health, and personal growth. 

Led by Dr. Christian Gonzalez, these Sessions goes beyond conventional wellness approaches to offer a holistic and in-depth release experience.

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For most of my adult life I searched for the definition of health. I searched for why people suffer from acute to the most chronic and deadliest of diseases. I always had an inherent need to not only understand but to also inform and empower people on how to heal. It is my life mission and exactly what I have done over the years. 

At this point in my career I have helped millions learn various parts of health and healing. I have taught people what it is to be an advocate for yourself and the power of self healing. 

But it wasn’t until I began implementing somatic healing modalities that I saw the deepest and most dramatic of healings. But, they didn’t always last. And then it hit me - for a person to have long-lasting transformation, all parts of what makes us human need to be aligned in order to create sustainable change.

This is why I have created this course for you. I have taken over 20 years of personal and academic research and combined it with 10 years of clinical medicine wisdom to finally bring to you the most comprehensive, somato-centric, holistic healing course.

"Just the energy behind signing up for this class already started to shift me into better alignment with my body. The act of letting myself know I was putting myself first in order to heal to then help others heal."

April W.

"This is the most powerful, deep, and transformative experience I have ever had. I am in gratitude forever for this experience."

 Richelle Y.